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You Might Say We're Ceiling Fans

For the past decade we have delivered ceiling solutions from our state-of-the-art print facility in Warren, Michigan to customers around the globe. We use original gigapixel photography to provide stunning, high-resolution images, and we partner with National Geographic to bring you top-quality nature scenes. Our evidence-based approach to design is increasingly supported by scientific research.

Don’t know what a CRI value is? Or not sure what color temperature means? A Ceiling Scenes Representative can guide you through your project from idea to implementation. We love what we do. Our knowledge and passion, and our status as an industry leader in proprietary print processes, uniquely positions us to serve you.


The number of points a patient’s systolic blood pressure level can drop after exposure to ceiling mounted scenes of nature.


The percentage of average pain reduction for cancer patients recovering in rooms decorated with nature scenes.


Separate financial benefits resulting from an investment in evidence-based design, as shown by the Fable 2.0 study.