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Acoustic Tiles

Our Acoustic tiles are opaque, and they have a fiberglass backing which provides exceptional noise reduction and insulation. Their high light-reflectance (LR-.88) reduces energy waste. These lightweight, low-maintenance tiles can be cleaned easily with a soft brush, soap, and water. Our acoustic tiles are Class A fire rated, the best rating available.

Light Lens Tiles

Our Light Lens tiles consist of a polycarbonate material 200 times stronger than glass and 30 times stronger than acrylic. The digital print is applied directly to the back of the material, protecting the UV-cured ink from surface scratches. This direct-to-substrate process helps to eliminate any harmful VOCs. Light Lens tiles bring the illusion of natural light into windowless environments and illuminate evenly across their surface.

Comparison Chart

Category Acoustic Tile Light Lens
Proprietary UV cured ink
Vivid HD imagery
Class A fire rated
NRC values up to .90  
High impact resistance  
Category Acoustic Tile Light Lens
Easy to clean
Easy to install
Weather and UV resistant
Mold/mildew resistant
Made in America
Recycled Content  

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